Next Day Podcast Launch Package

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Wow your audience from the second they hit play

Podcast Launch
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Launch Package

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial planning call—let’s get to know each other!
  • Your own fully licensed intro & outro tracks—music included
  • Submission to the platforms that take your podcast to the top of the game
  • Your own fully produced trailer—it’s sleek, it’s professional, and it’s all yours
  • Your first 6 podcast episodes—edited, mixed, mastered, and published to perfection
  • Support from your dedicated production team, every step of the way

Need more? Easy! Upgrade to one of our premium Gold packages and we’ll have you covered with:

  • Specific edits at requested timestamps
  • Music & sound effects for specific timestamps
  • Total and unlimited access to our fully-licensed music library
  • Plus, we’ll upload to your podcast host, too—this is a seriously all-inclusive package.

Whether you’re expanding your brand, or you just came up with a game changing idea for a podcast at 2am, there’s a lot that goes into executing a flawless launch.

You need content, of course.

You need some basic hardware, sure. We can advise you on that.

You also need to develop intros, outros, source music and sound FX, submit to platforms—and know which platforms you need—plus create trailers, choose a podcast host, learn to upload to that host, and—oh, yeah—get noticed. Because if nobody ever finds your podcast, how will they know how awesome it is?

What we’re saying is: launching a podcast properly is hard work.

You know what would be amazing? Having a team of production experts on hand. An experienced team of professionals to execute a seamless launch of your new podcast. A team that have done the heavy lifting for major broadcasters, including the BBC. A team who know how to get your podcast on every platform you need, including Apple and Spotify. As luck would have it, that team exists. And we’re here to deliver everything you need to launch a professional podcast.

Silver Rosette

Silver Launch Package

Includes 6 episodes*

Silver 30

Raw audio up to 30 mins


Silver 60

Raw audio up to 60 mins


Silver 90

Raw audio up to 90 mins


Gold Rosette

Gold Launch Package

Includes 6 episodes*

Gold 30

Raw audio up to 30 mins


Gold 60

Raw audio up to 60 mins


Gold 90

Raw audio up to 90 mins


Launching your epic podcast just got simple. Don’t waste time and effort patch working some outdated guides and trying to figure this out. Don’t sell your awesome podcast content short. Do it right and do it easy. Need to talk more? Schedule a call with one of our producers.

P.S. Know someone who needs a little nudge to get their podcast started? Our Silver 60 package makes an awesome gift!